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Pastel Paintings

Pastels paintings are done using pure sticks of color that a placed side by side or blended on sheet of paper to creat a painting. My pastel tend to be landscapes of places I visit or people I know.

resting horns.jpg

Resting Horns (oil Pastel) 11x14

Entrance to The Grandstand Tunnel 14x18.

Entering the Grandstand Tunnel 14x18

the painting begins .jpg

The Painting Begins (oil pastel) 11x14

she still blooms.jpg

She Still Blooms 14x19

Tennesee spring pasture.jpg

Tennessee Spring 17.5x22

Bates Barn 13x16

Montana Windmill and tank  14x18.jpg

Montana Windmill 14x18

Reclining girl (oil Pastel) 8x10

Reclining girl (oil pastels) 8x12

Color Time 12x16.jpg

Color Time 12x16

An old orchard.jpg

The Old Orchard  9x12

untitled girl 8x11(mixed meddia).jpg

untitled girl (oil Pastel) 8x11

Petes Road.jpg

Petes Road  11x15

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