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Oil Paintings

The paintings are completed using oil bars. These large sticks of paint give my paintings a free expressive feel. Other paintings are complete using traditional oils.

The paintings are all a snapshot in time. Images that inspire me and show a brief moment when an image exists.

Beach Path.jpg

Beach Path    18x24

august pasture.jpg

August Pasture   20x16

Riders In The Paddock.jpg

Jockeys to the Paddock 15x 20

panamanian stoop.jpg

The Stoop  24x30

Waiting for the Rapid.jpg

Waiting for the Rapid   24x30

leelanua barn #4 14x18 .jpg

Leelanua Barn #4 14x18


High Water in Fishtown 11x14

Mooon Shadoows 10x12

Moon Shadows 10x12

The Pink Umbrela 11x14.jpg
Mooon Shadoows 10x12

The Pink Umbrella 11x14

The Brookings Boatyard Retirees 18x21  .

Brookings Boatyard Retirees 18x21


Baton Rouge Gospel Choir 12x14

montana landscape.jpg

Montana Landscape 12x14

longhorn cow and calf 11x14.jpg

Longhorn Cow and Calf 11x14

Emily 14x26.jpg

Emily 14x26

winter pasture.jpg

Winter Pasture 12x14

untitled 11x14.jpg

untitled 11x14

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