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Dennis O'Mara

Dennis O’Mara

I have lived in West Michigan all my life. I grew up on a farm near Lake Odessa. I attended Olivet College where I studied sculpture and print making. In the years after graduation I continued my studies in these areas and received my Masters from Olivet College with a focus on Print making.
   On completing my degree I taught Art at Hastings High School for the next 30 years. I taught Art Appreciation at Kellogg Community College before retiring in  2016.
   After finishing a coaching career I returned to creating art in a more serious fashion in 2000. I was introduced to pastels and began to paint and continue to create sculpture. I continue to use a wide variety of mediums to create my work, selecting the medium that fits the piece.

   My work representational and is based on places I have been and people I see. I try to make the work a snapshot in time.
  I am currently using oil sticks to create my paintings. They were a natural progression from pastels and lend themselves to broad creative strokes.


End Of Print Series

Oil stick painting

Playing For The Past

 Pastel Painting

Bates Barn

Etched Doors

Old Man

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